Terms & Conditions

Bureside Holiday Park Ltd
We hope you will enjoy your stay with us, but to help you and others to enjoy theirs please read the following information and advice.
1.Balance of payment is due on arrival or otherwise agreed. Extra days to be paid for by 10am the previous day.
2.Pitches are available from mid-day. Please vacate by 11 am on the day of departure, particularly the hook ups. In certain circumstances arrangements can be made for late departures, but please contact reception.
3.Sorry, but no refunds will be given if you you are unable to complete your stay and deposits are non-refundable.
4.On arrival you will be issued with a tag. These are checked daily so please display this on the outside of your tent or caravan, also bring it to the office when booking extra nights. Before 10am.
5.BBQs are allowed on this site but open fires are not at any time. Make sure you keep smoke and fumes under control so you don't annoy your neighbours.
6.Fire precautions. As soon as you can after arrival get to know the sites fire safety precautions and locations of fire points.
7.Any tents, caravans and motorhomes must be pitched at least 6 mtrs apart to prevent the spreed of fire.
8.Please lift your groundsheets or tents every 2-3 days if you are staying for a long period to help the grass.
9.Chemical toilets to be emptied in the appropriate places.
10.Rubbish to be placed in the skips provided.
11.Buckets to be used for waste water and emptied in the appropriate places. Please do not empty tea bags or other solids in the emptying points.
12.Wipes and cleaning cloths must not be disposed of in WC,s but in waste bins provided.
13.When returning late at night please close doors quietly.
14.Please do not interfere with the equipment in the toilets (including locks on doors) if they do not work properly, report this to reception.
15.No boats or dinghy's to be stored on the caravan and tent site.
16.Dogs are to be kept on leads at all times whilst on the site and farm, and not allowed to foul the property. No dogs to be taken near the lake. Please do not leave your pet inside or outside your caravan or tent when you leave the site at any time.
17.Any days boats, dinghy's etc can be launched from the slipway upon payment of the current fee. All boats, dinghy's etc must be removed from the dyke and stored on the dinghy park or moored in the main river overnight.
18.Sites to be kept clean and tidy.
19.Swimming pool. An entry fee will be charged for the use of the swimming pool etc. Children are not allowed in the pool unless accompanied by an adult at all times. The pool is for the use of people staying on the park only. No day visitors will be allowed in. There is no lifeguard on duty.
20.The games room is open between 9am and 10pm each day. The pool table takes 50pence a game. Cues and tennis bats are to be collected and returned to reception during office hours. The snooker room is locked and the key, balls and cues can be collected from reception. A meter is fitted on the wall and costs £2 to put the light on and have a game for an hour. A refundable deposit will be charged for the cues and balls.
21.Fishing is free along our river frontage but a charge of £9 per rod per day will be made for fishing the Lake. Adults only. Permits may be obtained from reception before fishing. A permit may be bought the previous day if necessary. All fish caught in the lake must be put back. Under no circumstances must fish from the river or anywhere else be put in the lake. All fish in the lake have been through a strict A.W.A health test. Landing nets, carp beds and weighing bags, which are condition of fishing, are available from reception on a cash only deposit basis. Please return during office hours.
22.Children bringing cycles must only ride them up the road or on the play area. Slowly please. No motorised children's bikes, quads, scooters etc are allowed to be used on the camp.
23.Owing to safety regulations no one is allowed near any farm buildings, or to feed any of the animals.
24.All children to be kept under proper control.
25.Areas of deep water. Be advised that all children should wear life jackets at all times.
26.You are advised to carry torches when walking on or around the site after dark.
27.The flying of drones within or around the site is not allowed by law.
28.Footpaths. There are several footpaths in the area so it would be appreciated if everyone would keep strictly to them, particularly the Weavers Way, as they pass through other farmers land.
29.We reserve the right to change and alter prices at any time.
30.This document is handed out to every patron of this Holiday Park upon arrival and receipt of this document acknowledges the clients acceptance and understanding of Bureside Holiday Park, terms, rules and advice.
31. Bureside Holiday Park Ltd do not accept any liability.